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- including relatives who have worked for the st. louis department. >> catherine: as for officer darren wilson evidence on whether he should face criminal charges, but the process could take months. the one brief confrontation wednesday night was when demonstrators and supportersthe officer collided. >> catherine: about five miles from where michael brown was fatally shot in ferguson. another officer involved shooting.and we're now seeing and hearing what happened. >> reporter:you can see the police roll up here.the whole thing was captured by a bystander on cell phone video. >>they have a gun out. >> reporter:we'll dopped the audio because of all the profanity.and we won't show you the actual shooting. >> reporter:but listen again.and in the middle of the can faintly hear the man who was in the kakhi pants and navy sweatchirt.yell shoot me.shoot me. >> reporter:the saint louis police chief released this video.acknowledging the need for trqansparency given what's happening in nearby ferguson. >> reporter:25-year-old kajieme powell was shot after holding a knife and movning
killer, officer darren wilson are organizing. yesterday a pro-wilson rally in st. louis was attended by only 100 according to one report, but now the support darren wilson facebook page has over 50,000 likes. go fund me page to raise money for his legal fees has raised more than $150,000 in just 3 days. after people started turning their porch lights blue in a show of support for the missouri police officer, according to yahoo! news, one supporter reported an area walmart sold out of blue light bulbs. tonight two miles from here, there's an i love ferguson event where community members will talk about how to push back against the negative images of their town. meanwhile, the st. louis county prosecutor's office today, state senator jamillah nasheed presented a petition to call for mcculloch to step aside in mike brown's death. >> that's the only way we're going to bring strong confidence within this investigation. the people, they don't believe that he would do the right thing. they don't have the confidence that's needed and that's why we have 70,000 signatures that we will be deliv
darren wilson sustained the day he fatally shot michael brown. is this a gail chanme changer? why police departments around the nation are using weapons meant for the battlefield. and the ransom isis demanded for the release of james foley. the man who communicated with his captors joins us tonight. let's go "outfront." good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight the breaking news. we have new information about officer darren wilson's injuries the day he shot and killed mike brown. a source with detailed knowledge of the investigation tells cnn that darren wilson had a, quote, swollen face and that he went to the hospital to be treated for that injury. x-rays were taken. but -- and this is crucial -- the source tells cnn that darren wilson did not have a fractured eye socket. that contradicts reports from other news organizations. so will a swollen face save darren wilson from indictment? we have a full report on this as well as that crucial kill shot to mike brown's head. but first we go to the ground in ferguson and our stephanie elam. a group starting to gather at the
no answers to critical questions. was officer darren wilson hurt? if so, where was he hurt, how badly, and how far away from michael brown was officer wilson when he pulled the trigger? on the record, defense lawyer ted williams has more from ferguson. good evening. the lingering question, trying to piece this together to find out to what extent the officer was hurt, how much was he hurt, and where, what part of his body? >> hi, greta. you know, you have just asked the $64,000 question. what we had last night was unconfirmed ro eed reports that reported that the officer suffered from a fractured eye socket. injury. but there's been another change of unconfirmed information put out there, that he did not have a fractured socket eye injury, but that he suffered a swollen jaw. greta, i don't think we're going to be able to find out right away. i think that there are certain sources that are putting bits and pieces of information out there, and there are other sources that are -- that we have not been able to unfortunately verify. but i have to tell you, greta, i have been out among all o
general eric holder's visit. he promised a thorough investigation into whether officer darren wilson violated michael brown's civil rights when the teenager was shot and killed. >> i've seen a lot in my time as attorney general, but few things have affected me as greatly as my visit to ferguson. >> reporter: police have claimed wilson was assaulted before the shooting. today, a senior official familiar with the investigation told nbc news wilson was taken to a hospital for treatment. now attention turns to the grand jury proceeding. >> how dare you tell me i can't go up -- >> reporter: protesters tried to present 70,000 petition signatures calling for the removal of prosecutor robert mcculloch. his critics claim he's biased toward police. his mother and numerous relatives work for the police. his father, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty. >> may be a very fierce advocate for victims of violence, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of their status in life. >> reporter: also today ferguson's determination to win. high school football team back on the field. but s
in the law to do so. their demands also include the immediate firing of officer darren wilson, the removal of police chief jackson and mayor knowles. today there is hope that chaos in the street rounded a corner. >> he's not taking small steps. sometime those small steps are hard to see. but small steps turn into big steps. we've been taking small steps every night. >> behind me are some of the guardsmen who will soon be leaving ferguson. it's always been security here at the command post. they were never part of the crowd control down at the demonstration. the very fact they were here, enhanced a notion of a militarized state. >> mike tobin reporting from ferguson. mike, thank you. >>> a federal judge has ordered the justice department to provide congress with a list of documents it refuses to release in the failed gun-running program known as operation fast & furious. the obama administration has claimed executive privilege and attorney general eric holder was found in contempt of congress. justice has until october 1st to produce that list. >>> bob mcdonald talked about the rocky state
darren wilson, the officer that killed mr. michael brown. grand jury is hearing evidence, but many in the community are not confident in this prosecutor. today, state senator jamil jamiljamila jamila nasheed delivered a petition for the prosecutor to recuse himself. >> i am here today to deliver 70,000 signatures. [ applause ] those signatures basically are coming from everywhere throughout this country. worldwide. people have made a statement. >> but when she went to deliver those petitions to the office, something unbelievable happened. >> we want to take them to the office subpoena. >> i -- i know. >> we have a few people here. >> i know. >> this is a public entity. this is our first amendment right. i'm an elected official. >> i know. >> for the senator for the state of missouri. >> yes, ma'am. >> how dare you tell me i can't go up? this is a public building. >> ma'am. step over the line and you will get arrested. >> how can ferguson residents have confidence in police and other officials when they block a state senator from a public building? a few minutes later, she was broug
who shot around, darren wilson, will face crumpled charges. for now, we will -- wilson remains on paid leave. eric holder visited ferguson and met with brown's parents amidst an ongoing federal probe into possible violations of civil rights. is throughhope also the trip of making out here today and by stressing the importance of in the way in which this investigation is going, that hopefully will have a calming influence on the area. that people know a federal, throw investigation is being done. being manned by these are capable people. my hope is that will have or give people some degree of confidence that the appropriate things are being done by their federal government. >> a police officer caught on video threatening to kill peaceful protesters in ferguson has been suspended indefinitely. video from tuesday night shows the officer pointing a semiotic -- semi automatic assault rifle at protesters, telling them to "go f-yourself." ee works for the saint ann police. announces your american team reports another police officer in kinloch, missouri, next to ferguson, ordered them to leave
the shooting death of michael brown by ferguson police officer darren wilson. as a grabbed jury begins sorting through conflicting accounts, a new witness has come forward casting doubt on claims by wilson's supporters that brown rushed at the officer and struggled to get his gun. >> did you see him running toward the officer in any way? >> no, no, not after when he was running away, no, not at all. >> on his testimony alone -- this officer should be arrested. i mean, it was very clear what he saw that this kid was trying to give up, yet this officer continued to shoot him. >> on the streets of ferguson overnight, a show of support for officer wilson. but some of the demonstrators were whisked away by police after they were shouted down by brown's supporters. >> mike brown. mike brown. >> in all, it was a calmer night in ferguson with only a handful of arrests just hours after a visit by attorney general eric holder who gave reinsurance to the community and to michael boun's parents. >> our investigation will be fair. it will be thorough. and it will be independent. >> just having the words co
for officer darren wilson? justice is supposed to be blind, correct? >> yes. the good news is, there's now more press than protesters. hopefully we can move on to another crisis and turn it into a media circus as soon as possible. the question about holder, will he accept the facts or leave the uncomfortable ones on the cutting room floor? the problem with the ideology, it has no room for facts. he's driven more by emotion. and by his past. >> he said he was a black man, that's a fact. >> but the -- >> and he said that there's been tension in the black community against police forces in a lot of forces. and that's true. that's the truth. you can argue with him and say, he shouldn't say that. why shouldn't he say it? it's true. it's flat-out true. >> what are you yelling at me for? >> i'm not yelling at you. what i'm saying was, what he said was factually accurate. >> is it appropriate for him to say that as attorney general of the united states? >> absolutely. >> no, it's not. >> what bearing is the fact that eric holder is black, what bearing does that have on the case? why would he even
that officer darren wilson suffered a facial injury in a confrontation with brown before the shooting. the blaze reports officer wilson was beaten nearly unconscious. nearly unconscious. "the blaze," of course, is citing fox news. what does that mean? nearly unconscious? have you ever been nearly unconscious? you lose your faculties for a little bit. you get jugged around. you've got to get it back together again. boy, there must have been a hell of a confrontation for a guy to be nearly unconscious. fox news is reporting wilson wassed aboutly beaten and suffering severe facial injuries. what is a severe facial injury? beaten badly, what does that mean? we're playing with a lot of terms. we're fast and loose here, aren't we? fox news cites an unnamed source close to the police top brass, there's a hell of a source and it's not just conservative news doing this. now "the washington post" is in the game and they're reporting that wilson suffered a fractured eye socket. >> a fractured eye socket! in other words, he must have got the tar beaten out of him big time. the post cites unnamed
darren wilson to be fired immediately. and they want his boss, the police chief and the mayor to resign. >> because they have shown a failure of leadership in this time of crisis. and if they do not resign, we call upon the people of ferguson to immediately do a recall of the mayor of ferguson. >> all right, we are having a few technical issues there, again, the headline is that robert mccollough, who is the prosecute canner is not stepping down, although he is acknowledging the frustrations and anxieties that people may have about connections to police departments. the other news today, things have been very peaceful and calm, there have been no major arrests in riots no reaction by police or tier gas, so it seems like the call isn't cooing, and a lot are confident that this will continue can to be the case over the next several days. people in cities across the united states, are expected to take to the streets to protest michael brown's death, they also plan to call for the officer who shot and killed him to be prosecuted. the group anonymous has called for a nationwide day of rage p
to happen. >> there are supporters of officer darren wilson, the officer who shot and killed michael brown who say that they feel like he is not getting due process. you had governor jay nixon earlier this week say -- call for a "vigorous prosecution of wilson." the grand jury hasn't eached any sort of conclusion. it may be they decide not to indict at all. do you not have the concerns about this officer who is also a missouri constituent and whether or not he also deserves justice? >> well, first of all, we have numerous eyewitnesss to the incident, to the shooting of michael brown. and i tend to believe those eyewitnesss. and what they are reporting. and i also have serious concerns about the local prosecutors, about their ability to fairly prosecute this case in the interests of justice. to deliver justice to this community or to michael brown's family. and i say that because we have a track record. we have something to look at in previous incidents of police shootings. where there was no prosecution, where it was claimed to be a good shooting. if there's any such thing as a good police
after a woman trying to support officer darren wilson was rushed away. mike tobin saw this all. >> reporter: this happened on west floressent avenue. obviously, that was a provocative move. we saw the crowd fire up and the police responded and whisked those people off, mostly for their own protection. to our knowledge, they have not been charged with anything. the other big development today that i wanted to talk about, you can see the national guard forces behind us. they are going to be withdrawn systematically from the area. they have never been part of the crime prevention or part of the crowd patrol down there, but they have always been providing security back here at the command post. but the fact that they are leaving is very symbolic. they stand as a symbol that this is an emergency state. for the people who wanted to claim this is a militaryized state, they are working the ammunition belt of those people. the fact that the national guard is leaving could let off the pressure and be viewed as an indicator this is rounding a turning point. stewart? >> mike, thank you ver
that darren wilson, the officer involved in the shooting death of michael brown, be immediately fired from the ferguson police department instead of remaining on paid leave. >> also today, demands from protestors in clayton, missouri, hundreds of people gathered there, calling for officer dar.wilson to be fired, charged and prosecutered. the group also wants st. louis's prosecuting attorney off the case them also called for the federal government to investigate the policies and practices of police throughout that state. >>> authorities in ferguson say last night's crowds of protesters were much smaller than they have been since michael brown was killed. police say there were no fires, no shootings and officers use nod tear gas or mace. attorney general eric holder visited ferguson wednesday and melt with federal officials investigating brown's death. holder met with brown's parents. >>> school starts in 12 days for students in camden. city officials there have been working all summer to try to improve safety for students and teachers inside the classroom and also on the way to and from sch
michael brown and officer darren wilson? at this moment, it's still a mystery. and now another witness to the shooting has come forward here to cnn. i want you to listen to what he describes as what he saw. >> by the time i get outside, he's already turned around, facing the officer. he is -- he had his arms under his stomach and he was halfway down like he was going down. and the officer lets out three or four shots at him. >> this new account differs from what we have heard from previous witnesses. for one, michael brown's friend, dorian johnson, who was there. he says after being chased brown turned around with his hands up, told the officer he wasn't armed. then we heard from a woman by the name of tiffany mitchell. she says officer wilson was shooting, just as soon as he got out of his car, while chasing michael brown. we have heard from pj crenshaw who took that video, the aftermath from her balcony apartment. said michael brown was running away while the officer continued firing at him. and then let's be clear, this wasn't an eyewitness account, this was at least a secondhand ac
of ferguson there are still calls for justice and demands for the arrest of officer darren wilson, who killed unarmed teen michael brown. >> if he is arrested and then he is found innocent, what happens then? >> uhm, think these riots are crazy now? it's going to get real crazy. >> reporter: it's expected to take several months for a grand jury to decide if officer wilson should be charged. susan mcginnis, cbs news, ferguson, missouri. >>> another event is planned this evening in san francisco. a march in support of ferguson is set to begin at 7:00 at the u.n. plaza. >>> when it comes to water use santa clara county supervisor dave cortes is asking his colleagues to tighten up their belts. san jose mayoral candidate wants all county departments to reduce water use by 25%. at a meeting of county land use, housing, environment and transportation supervisors discuss the water reduction proposal. cortes said he knows there will be exceptions. >> there will be some areas in the county where it's hard to achieve a 25% goal. for example, the emergency room at the hospital. we'll take that into accou
on his sunglasses. if officer darren wilson was equipped with a body camera, we'd know a lot more about what happened and some research suggests the conflict would not be happening at all. >> in california, the use of force by police fell 59% after they were given body cams. joining us to talk about the privacy implications and how these cameras can change police work, eugene o'donnell, officer and now professor of law at john jay college of criminal justice. eugene, does wearing cameras change policing for the good? >> i think what happens is the cops embrace the camera wearing. the public may not be that excited but there's unintended consequences that we have to be aware of, including the possibility that the police will disengage from the political complaints that people have. that's the large issue that people have, especially in poorer neighborhoods, trying to get at the attention of the police. and i think, again, when according to conduct of citizens, there's likely possible push back. new york has introduced a bill that would criminalize the annoyance of the police. there are f
was unarmed. there was another witness, tiffany mitchell. she says that officer darren wilson was shooting just soon he got out of the car while chasing michael brown. and pj crenshaw, who took video of the aftermath from her balcony at her apartment also says michael brown was running away while the officer continued firing at him. but then you have that friend of officer wilson, remember she called into that radio show. her name is josi. and she says michael brown shoved the officer back in the car, grabbed the gun, and then officer wilson was acting in self defense. as he shoved him away and shot at him. so all these different accounts. anderson cooper, as you saw a moment ago, with that latest version, joins me now live from ferguson. and anderson, i know you just talked to michael brown's parents. let me just say that right out of the gate. so we want to talk about that in just a moment. but let's go back to michael brady's events. as you stood there and listened to his account, what struck you about that? >> let me point out, that radio caller you mentioned, we should point out, is n
whether darren wilson who shot and killed brown, will face criminal charms. >> our meteorologist, drew tuma is here for mike with the forecast. crowds are breaking down along the coast with sunshine in full effect across the bay area. i will have the details how warm it will get in the seven-day outlook. >> nice to have you, drew. a family face returning to "dancing with the stars" and we will tell you who is turning in her dancing shoes for being a judge. >> and chronicling t >> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> "dancing with the stars" is changing this season adding a fourth judge to the table, two time champion is returning. she announced this on "good morning america" this morning. her focus has been on action asking music, and show did 201 remake of "footloose," with the new soap starting september 15 right here. >> some bay area kids are headed back-to-school but per is not over. our reporter is here to help you explore where you live. >> our parent company disney and the national nonprofit kaboom are teaching up to promote the p
the fate of officer darren wilson. protests rallied and scuffled with authorities while trying to deliver a petition, calling for st. louis county prosecutor bob mcculloch to step down from the case. >> it's our first amendment right. i'm an elected official. i'm a senator for the state of missouri. how dare you tell me i can't -- >> ma'am, ma'am -- >> it's a pub electric building. it's a public building! >> meanwhile, back in washington today, attorney holder spoke about justice. >> with this tragedy comes a great opportunity for reforming that community. but i think that's something that we can do nationwide. this has ingendered a conversation. it's time to take concrete steps. >> the streets in ferguson were calm last night with only a hand iff ful of arrests. >> the crowd was smaller tonight. we had to respond to small incidents tonight. no molotov cocktails or shootings. >> the police department has been hit with two more wrongful death lawsuits over moore who was tasered by police in 2011. a police officer from nearby st. ann was suspended indefinitely after pointing an assault rifl
department, that he be released from handling the case, he is not impartial. and darren wilson, the officer who shot michael brown be shot immediately. and they're calling for the ferguson mayor, as well as the police chief, to resign. >> a failure of leadership in this time of crisis. and if they do not resign, we call on the people of ferguson to do a recall of the mayor of ferguson. >> so getting back to the county prosecutor who has recused himself from the case, he does not take the demands that he rekuss lightly, but he said i have a responsibility not only to the family of michael brown, but to the people of ferguson and the community. and he said that governor nixon does have, as a result of the emergency being declared, the right to remove him from the case, but with all of the back and forth, he has demanded that the governor not be indecisive, and he make a decision to remove me from this office, or let's get on with things, and end this distraction. >> all right, so a petition with 70,000 signatures, speaking of what he said in terms of lets get on with things, and in looking ah
what happened between michael brown and officer darren wilson, but who can we believe when the stories are so different? >>> plus, the nation's only black governor reacts to the shooting and the violence. governor deval patrick's emotional response. that's ahead. ♪ [ woman ] if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain. this is humira helping me lay the groundwork. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to r.a. symptoms. humira is proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage in many adults. [ male announcer ] humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening h
it to you live. first demand is that officer darren wilson should be fired and he's on paid admip administrative leave. and should be charged with the death of michael brown. there is a significant police presence and a state senator was part of the coalition. it is a mostly black coalition. nation of islam and green party as well andnaa c p. >> they would not let her in but she was let in to deliver the 70,000 signatures. you can see the march ares coming this way and they will be stopping traffic as they move to this direction and they are leading the coalition. justice for michael brown and they are claiming that there is a genocide here. and if their demands are not met, they will cause more civil disobedience is what they are alleging. and they come toward here right now. and they are saying that eric holder's visit was not successful. they gave his visit a d- minus and he didn't meet with them and they feel he is come back and take full charge of the investigation. you can see them trying to enter the courthouse. it is not a large group. probably about 50 people. and at the
darren wilson. protests rallied and scuffled with authorities while trying to deliver a petition, calling for st. louis county prosecutor bob mcculloch to step down from the case. >> it's our first amendment right. i'm an elected official. i'm a senator for the state of missouri. how dare you tell me i can't -- >> ma'am, ma'am -- >> it's a pub electric building. it's a public building! >> meanwhile, back in washington today, attorney
the moments after officer darren wilson killed brown. a witness as saying in the background that shots were fired at an unarmed 18-year-old walking towards an officer. night, a couple of people showing support for officer bills and work out alongside protesters rallying in the streets calling for wilson's arrest. >> we want justice! >> despite those tense exchanges, officers say it was one of the columnis -- calmest nights yet. >> no molotov cocktails, no shooting. >> no confrontations like this one caught on camera tuesday. that officer is now suspended indefinitely. last night only 6 arrests, but despite the relative calm, the national guard is still here. >> next tuesday we invite you to watch a special town hall. future --e, your ferguson: america reacts." seven is on your side with a consumer alert. in 21ers at 51 stores states including maryland and virginia may be affected by a data breach. ups says credit and debit card information has been exposed because of a computer virus. about 100,000 transactions between january 20 and august 11 are involved. ups says it is providing identity
involved, darren wilson, was attacked and suffered significant bone damage to his face before he shot michael brown. al sharpton set up a margin rally in new york this weekend against police brutality. on behalf of a black man who died on staten island and michael brown, 15,000 people expected to attend. let's bring in juan williams who had this to say about the ferguson situation in the wall street journal yesterday. let's hit pause on the political spin and bitter exchange of racial fears. if we are to stop angry clashes between police and for black men is time to admit thuggish behavior creates legitimate fear in every community. juan williams joins us now. i think you said what a lot of people want to say and a lot of people were thinking that they are afraid to say it because they would be accused of being racist if they label lot of young black men thuggish behavior. >> i don't know how you can avoid the facts. something i lament as of black man but if you look at the statistics, if you look at young black men 15 to 37 number one cause of death murder, looked at statistics regar
chargers against officer darren wilson if they decide brown's death might have been a crime. a defense fund established to support officer wilson has raised more than $120,000. in the meantime this, a separate fatal shooting in nearby st. louis has some people wondering if officers used excessive force on a man who was disturbed, a man with a knife. our don lemon rode along with a man who has one of the most challenging jobs in america. ron johnson has spent more than a week trying to keep the peace in ferguson. the efforts, well they appear to be paying off. johnson, however, not taking any of the credit for it. >> not that many people out. it seems to be under control. what did you do right since two days ago? >> first the community did some things right. the clergy and elders came out and didn't allow annual taters and -- agitators and criminals to mass themselves within the group. they were pointing them out to us. they were helping us. they were moving away from them. and not having the same activity. so really, the community did it. >> captain johnson received a hug and pat on the bac
was unarmed. another witness tiffany mitchell says officer darren wilson was shooting as soon as he got out of his car while chasing michael brown down the street. piaget crenshaw who shot the aftermath also says brown was running away while the officer continued firing at him. but a friend of officer wilson who calls herself josie says michael brown shoved the officer back into the car and grabbed for his gun and officer wilson shoved brown away and shot him in self-defense. now that we've heard the differing accounts of that day, cnn's chris cuomo spoke with the attorney for dorian johnson. he's the teenager, like i said, who was with michael brown the day he was shot. and in the days after the shooting he was not shy in telling his part of the story. >> the way he describes it is the officer says get out of the street. >> yes. >> they do not get out of the street. >> no, they do not not. >> he says something to the officer, the officer takes some kind of disrespect. >> yes. >> backs up. >> yes. >> when he backs up your client says that opens the door into them. >> he says, what are you s
evacuating supporters of officer darren wilson following tense exchanges with other protesters supporting the unarmed teen he killed, michael brown. this as newly released images show a heated conflict tuesday night. >> my hands are up, bro. >> reporter: a police officer pointing a gun at a demonstrator and threatening to shoot him. >> hands up or i'll [ expletive ] kill you. >> reporter: that officer suspended indefinitely. attorney general eric holder visiting ferguson yesterday trying to ease the unrest. >> people know that a federal thorough investigation is being done. >> reporter: holder also meeting with brown's family as a grand jury met for the first time hearing evidence that could lead to charges against officer wilson. >> they will have absolutely everything that there is, every piece of paper, every photograph. >> reporter: this new cell phone video could be key to wilson's defense, a witness heard in the background saying brown was shot while walking towards police. >> the next thing i know he's coming back toward the police. >> reporter: abc news also learning from a source
began hearing evidence to determine whether to bring charges against officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. outside the court house, protesters gathered many arguing that prosecutor bob mcculloch should step down from the case. five members of mcculloch's family work for the st. louis police department including his father, who was killed by a black suspect. many point to that incident as the reason he should step down. he argues that's a reason to stay on the job. >> did it affect me? absolutely affected me. and what it did for me is -- or to me is made me i think, a fierce advocate for victims of violence. >> what do you want? >> justice. >> when do you want it? >> now. >> reporter: but some here are not convinced. >> you know everybody knows you can get a grand jury to indict a paper bag. >> reporter: jerryl christmas once worked in the st. louis prosecutor's office. >> we hear grand jury and we think, oh well something is getting ready to happen. justice is getting ready to be served. what they don't know is this is the
the police officer darren wilson who fatally shot unfarmed teenager michael brown. police surrounded that vehicle. they prevented a confrontation between the woman and the protesters out there. despite that incident, the missouri highway patrol says last night was one of the more peaceful nights since that shooting. >>> a protest here in the bay area over the fatal shooting of michael brown also stayed peaceful. a demonstration involved about 200 people, including the mother of oscar grant who was shot and killed by a bart police officer in 2009. ktvu's brian flores in our studio now. brian, tell us about the local protests over the tragedy. >> reporter: good morning. some say there are many parallels to what is going on if ferguson to what happened in the past near oakland. a couple of parents whose sons were killed by police spoke yesterday, including jeralean blueford, whose son was shot by opd in 2012. >> we want police officers to come in and do the job to protect and serve. not shoot to kill. too many of our youth are being killed. >> reporter: now, while she spoke, so did the
into that shooting started wednesday, authorities stress it could take weeks to determine if officer darren wilson will face criminal charges. >> people are angry, frustrated and they want answers. >> reporter: meanwhile, another officer was relieved of his duty and suspended indefinitely after pushing a spy automatic rifle into the face of a protester's hands screaming threats tuesday night. more evidence that all eyes are on the officer, their actions now constantly on camera. meanwhile, nbc news has learned the ferguson police department was hit with not one but two different lawsuits yesterday over the wrongful death of a man if 2011. the family claims he was killed. that's the latest in ferguson, r back to you.guo you. >> craig in ferguson, missouri, thank you, craig. raig. >>> three senior hamas military leaders have been killed in the gaza strip. israeli aircraft have carried more than 100 since the cease-fire. the egyptian negotiator said today they will continue to try to brokary long-term cease-fire even though both israeli and palestinian delegations have left cairo. >>> banc of america
of officer darren wilson took to the streets, but as you can see from this video, cops were quick to whisk them away. we're also hearing from a new witness. he's debunking the theory that brown bum-rushed the officer who shot him. >> about time i gets outside, he's already turned around, facing the officer. he's balled, he have his arms under his stomach and he was halfway down like he was going down and the officer lets out about three or four shots at him. >> and on the same day attorney general eric holder visited ferguson, promising a fair and independent investigation, brown's mother viewed her son's body at a local morgue for the first time. let's get the latest from ferguson from cnn's chris cuomo. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, carol. she had to wait 12 days, no matter what you think about the situation or the investigation, has to be very difficult for a mother, and there is no question that last night things were better. the question is, will the investigation inspire the confidence to keep them that way? overnight in ferguson, the first real hint of calm. >> i a
to do for some time. we also know there were a couple of protesters in favor of officer darren wilson. that did cow a little bit of issues at times. but nothing that caused any violence. those people were escorted away in support of darren wilson. there is $18,000 raised online for his defense. >> reporter: the americans infected with ebola are going home. a spokesperson for samaritan's purse says dr. can't brantly is being released from emery hospital today. dr. brantly is expected to speak when the hospital hold a news conference in just about 2 hours. bill: almost 12 minutes past the hour. concerns about a possible volcanic eruption that could impact air travel. patti ann: a major data breach with private information this time at ups. we'll tell you what kind of information the hackers may have their hand on. bill: reverend al sharpton will speak at michael brown's funeral. bill: al sharpton has the nerve to insult the nation's police community. hello! three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. thank you
is reviewing evidence in the death of michael brown, unaround teen. it could take months to if darren wilson will face criminal charges. >> oscar grant's uncle runed from ferguson and he met with the we family of michael brown and knows how brown's father feels. >> he is angry. he is hurt. i understand the anger and the hurt. there is total lack of trust. there has been in accountability of the wrongs committed and the community doesn't feel that locally they have get any real justice. the planned jury investigation is just underway and could take months. there was a shooting and attempted robbery of a family in the parking lot while their grand children were sitting in the s.u.v. after midnight in land -- in two young men approached them and tried to problem them. >> they tried to pull the door open and i overpowered him and they shot a gun through the window. >> the grandfather was able to drive away to the sheriff and got minor injuries from the broken glass after a shot was fired. his wife and the grandchildren were not harmed. >> officers are seeking help for a brutal murder. we will no
a determination about whether or not any federal statutes have in fact been violated. >> arrest darren wilson! >> reporter: unrest here may be far from over. it could take a grand jury weeks to determine whether or not to charge officer wilson in brown's death. susan mcginnis, cbs news, ferguson, missouri. >> and some people in ferguson are also demanding that county prosecutor robert mccullough be removed from the case. they contend mccullough cannot be impartial because his father was shot and killed by a black suspect while on duty. >>> protestors in the bay area continue to express their feelings about the shooting in missouri. yesterday hundreds of demonstrators went face to face with oakland police officers who were in riot gear as a precaution. some of the protestors held up mirrors in front of the officers' faces. >> we want that person to take a look at themselves so they can realize they are not a badge and they don't have to follow a system they don't agree with. >> earlier in the day, in san jose, demonstrators gathered at at a church on the city's east side. that was organized by
a long while. in order to build a criminal case, if indeed there is one against officer darren wilson, they're going to have to find evidence that he intended, specifically intended to violate the civil rights of michael brown. they're going to have to not just talk to eyewitnesses, but also try to build a record of what was in this officer's mind in the moments before the shooting. also worth noting, craig, that they are -- they are contemplating whether to open a broader civil investigation into policing tactics and crowd control in ferguson and the areas beyond it. my sense is that is likely to happen. it could be a little while before it's publicly announced, however. >> you know, we heard that yesterday, the talk of the broader look at the police department here in ferguson on a federal level. what might that investigation look like as well, carrie, and how far back could they go? >> they could go quite a long while because what's at issue in those cases is building a record, looking into past incidents between the community and police, trying to figure out whether there's someth
to decide if darren wilson, the white officer, will face charges. >> 25 will graduate from a san jose law enforcement academy but are not police officers. instead, they will be helping keep officers on the street by handling nonemergency calls. >> the police department is looking for more officers to filled ranks as many have left the past few years in record numbers. today, 25 people will graduate from the community service officer program. after today they have a three week field training program pairing up with a sworn officer which are lower priority cars like noninjury traffic, vehicle theft, vandalism and other nonemergency circumstances. san jose police say this. allow swap officers to focus on responding to high priority emergency calls for service and have more time for proactive enforcement as the department suffers from low morale and low staffing. the city council failed to put a sales tax initiative on the ball lat that would put more money into public safety although both protestals had a lot of reports from residents and appeared likely to pass. the graduation of officers i
on the sidewalks. many people here in ferguson remain angry that officer darren wilson hasn't been charged for fatally shooting michael brown. >> get him behind bars and if he doesn't, it's probably going to be hectic out here. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder traveled to ferguson yesterday to meet with brown's family as well as fbi investigators conducting a federal probe. >> i'm confident that through the ability of these people, we will make --be able to make a determination about whether or not any federal statutes have in fact been violated. >> arrest darren wilson! >> reporter: unrest here may be far from over. it could take a grand jury weeks to determine whether or not to charge officer wilson in brown's death. susan mcginnis, cbs news, ferguson, missouri. >> a march in support of ferguson is planned this evening in san francisco. it begins at 7:00 at the united nations plaza. >>> not all the demonstrators in ferguson are critical of the officer who shot michael brown. a smaller less vocal group says it's time to calm down let the investigation take its course and find out
. >> they will have everything there is. >> it could take months to decide if darren wilson, the white officer who shot and killed the unarmed black teen will face criminal were cans. many want the officer arrested. >> the police union says it is too soon to pass judgment. >> he is vilified in the media and by the politicians. >> before the shooting officer suffered a serious injury and group was lying in the street and a witness described it. [ inaudible ] >> that conflicts with witness whose say brown was standing still with his hands raised when wilson opened fire. the attorney general holder visited the area on wednesday and tried to ease tensions by telling the majority black community of his own encounters with police and promises a thorough investigation. >> my hope is that will give people confidence that the appropriate things are being done by the federal government. >> holier met with michael brown's parents and promised a fair investigation. >>> 4:34. a group of 300 marchers samed a peaceful protest against police brutality in oakland including a tense stand off. >> sky 7 showed the cr
everything that there is. >> reporter: but it could take months to decide whether darren wilson, the white officer who shot and killed the unarmed black teen, will face criminal charges. many in this community want the officer arrested. >> arrest darren wilson. >> reporter: the police union says it's too soon to pass judgment. >> he has been vilified in the media and by the politicians. >> reporter: a source close to wilson told abc news that before the shooting, the officer suffered a serious facial injury and supporters of wilson point to this videotape showing brown's body lying in the street and in the background, a witness describes what he saw. >> police got out and ran after him. the next thing i know he's coming back towards the police. the police had his gun drawn on him. >> reporter: that would conflict with witnesses who said brown was standing still with his hands raised when wilson opened fire. attorney general eric holder visited the area on wednesday. he tried to ease tensions by telling the majority black community about his own encounters with police. holder is promising a
yesterday. >> mark:that's where a grand jury began hearing evidence against darren wilson.the officer accused of shooting michael brown. >> mark:the county prosecutor says it could be mid-october before the grand jury reaches a decision. >> darya: military leaders have been killed in an israeli rip. >> darya:palestinian police and health officials say that six people were killed in the strike and that dozens of others remain trapped in the rubble of a four- story building targeted by israel. >> darya:we now know u-s special forces made an attempt to rescue american journalist james foley. >> darya:u-s special ops -- from units like delta force and navy seal team six -- went into syria, this summer, trying to rescue foley and other hostages held >> darya:but when they arrived at their target, the hostages weren't there. >> darya:foley's parents say they received an e-mail from isis, last week, telling them their son would die. >> darya:they couldn't do anything to stop his beheading, but they hope others can still be saved. >>:"what we've been doing to date >>:"it wasn't enough, and ye
as a grand jury began hearing evidence to determine whether to bring charges against officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. outside the courthouse protesters gathered. many arguing that prosecutor bob mccullough should step down from the case. five members of mccullough's family work for the st. louis police department including his father who was killed by a black suspect. critics point to that incident as the reason he should step down. he argues that's a reason to stay on the job. >> did it effect me? absolutely affected me. and what it did for me or to me was made me i think a fierce advocate for vic tils ofvictims of violence. >> reporter: but some here are not convinced. >> you know the joke in the prosecutor's office. everybody knows, you can get a grand jury to indict people who are black. >> we're thinking oh well something is getting ready to happen, justice getting ready to be served but what they don't know is this is the beginning of a process that's probably going to end up with this case not being issued or a lesser included c
darren wilson will face criminal charges. overnight, the streets of ferguson were the quietest they've been since the shooting. on wednesday, attorney general eric holder made several stops in ferguson and met with brown's parents. >>> much of the country has been spared from extreme heat this summer, but that will not be the case today in parts of the south and the midwest. nbc's kerry sanders is in memphis. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, natalie. forecasters say it's going to hit 96 degrees here in memphis. and in ten states, it's going to be a heat advisory because it's going to feel up to 104 degrees in kansas, missouri, illinois, indiana, kentucky, texas, florida, georgia, alabama and south carolina. st. louis is forecast to have eight straight days of this heat wave to prepare for that weather. fortunately for folks who live in philadelphia, boston, new york, the heat wave will not extend into that area. forecasters say the highs will probably hit in the upper 70s. remember, if you're out in the heat, drink water, not soda pop. wear cotton, not polyester
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